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Pretty Ways to Display Easter Eggs

I grew up dying Easter eggs with my mom. We did it old school: the dye tablets, the flimsy little wire hanger, that amazing vinegar smell in little bowls of color. If you were talented enough to hold the wire hanger still enough, you could dye some of your eggs half one color, half another.

And we called that fancy!

Once we had dyed about half our eggs, she would break out her EGGstra-special magic trick: a little cooking oil in the dye. If you’ve never tried it, it marbles the colors for a tie-dyed effect!

These days, you don’t have to hop very far down the bunny trial to find a zillion egg decorating ideas!  There is an EGGcellent egg décor idea for every peep, from simple to super-fancy DIY. Dying eggs remains an easy and fun Easter tradition.

But once you have all those beautiful eggs, what do you do with them?

It would be sad to take all that creative effort and keep it shut up in the fridge! (Please don’t…)

Every bunny knows your beautiful Easter eggs should get top billing in your Easter display! Let’s think outside the basket and let the following ideas inspire you!

A pretty teacup, a little moss or straw and a beautiful Easter egg equal an adorable Easter display for your hoppy home! This idea from Our Hopeful Home would be cute as an accent or used on your Easter table.

Some fancy colored straw and pretty eggs make this simple lantern idea from A Charming Project a pretty accent for your springtime décor! You could add a faux butterfly for a little EGGstra zhuzh.

You don’t have to be an EGGspert to create this fast and simple centerpiece from The Pioneer Woman!  A nest of straw (or Easter grass, or crinkly paper) atop a pretty cake stand is an idea no-bunny can beat.

Did some-bunny say ombre? These pink eggs from The Girl Inspired are, in fact, inspired! Layering your eggs in a glass apothecary jar or compote is a simple and gorgeous display. She has a simple explanation for blowing out the eggs, if you’d like to try that. 

A simple white bowl and some moss make a nest fit for the Easter bunny…and for your beautiful egg creations! The glittery polka dot eggs from HGTV are also EGG-citing!

Some greenery is another great way to accent your Easter eggs. This glass hurricane display from Shelterness is also a 24 carrot idea.

Your hunt is over! A pretty nest of eggs works well in an urn or flower pot, as displayed by Pretty Handy Girl. You could tuck a little peep right up in there. 

You don’t even need to dye your eggs for this simple and elegant floral display from A Life Unfolding! She breaks this idea down step by step EGGspecially for you!

Spring has sprung in this display from Stylish Spoon! Tiny flower pots take the place of cupcakes in this metal stand, accented with some grass and flowers (real or faux!).

A pastel rainbow of eggs is Easter Bunny approved for a darling centerpiece from Martha Stewart. Using foam eggs makes it a creative effort you can even use again next year, for Peep’s sake!

I’m so EGG-cited about Easter!

It’s been a long time since my moms and I have dyed eggs together, but this year we are going to make it happen!  We will definitely be using the secret trick with the oil.

And once we have all our beautiful eggs  decorated, I plan on making them the centerpiece of our Easter celebration. I hope your mind is hopping with some EGG-cellent inspiration for your own Easter EGG-stravaganza!

And I hope you and your family have an Easter that is blessed. ⛪



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