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Happy almost February! Where has the first month of the year disappeared to?  January is almost in the rear view mirror and now it’s time to think about how we are going to celebrate in February.

There are soooo many fun ways to celebrate this month! Obviously, Valentine’s Day. But let’s not stop there…here are five more opportunities to add some simple festivity to your month. (Cue confetti cannon.)

In order to make it a little easier for you, I’m including a few simple ways you can implement each day in your own world. (Don’t overthink it!) So grab your planner and put on your party hat!

Chinese New Year

Tuesday, February 1st (but also celebrated in the days before & after)

It’s the Year of the Tiger! The Lunar New Year is a second chance to get started if January has been a struggle. (Wink.)

1. Refresh your wardrobe. (But don’t buy new shoes!)

2.  Make some Chinese dumplings. (or order them from a restaurant!)

3. Visit with relatives.

4.  Sweep out the dust of the old year…before the 1st! NO cleaning on New Year’s Day or you will sweep away your good luck for the new year.

5.  Learn about the Chinese zodiac.

Olympics Opening Ceremony

Friday, February 4th

Who doesn’t love the Olympics!? And of course the big opening ceremony is fun to watch. To make it all a little more festive at home, try one of these ideas!

1.  Create your own watch list of personal favorites.

2.  Create your own delicious Olympic torch.

3.  Get to know the athletes a little better.

4.  Play Opening Ceremony Bingo!

5.  Make easy Olympic donuts.

6.  Try an authentic Beijing recipe.


Sunday, February 13th

The Superbowl is also coming up and we know it’s really all about the food and the commercials! Make your Game Day a touchdown with one of these great ideas.

1.  Make some Touchdown Punch to toast your teams points!

2.  Try a sweeter version of Nachos.

3.  Play Commercial Bingo! I love this one.

4.  Or one of these other Superbowl games.

5.  Make sure to dress in your team’s colors.

6.  Create a fun Game Day charcuterie board.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Thursday, February 17th

Random Acts of Kindness DAY is the 17th. But kindness also gets it’s own week: February 13th thru 19th. Here are some great ways to celebrate.

1.  Color the RAK Foundation’s coloring page as an exercise in mindfulness.

2.  Download the official RAK Day participant guide for inspiration.

3.  Become a RAKtavist!

4.  Download the 2022 Kindness calendar for daily suggestions.

5. Share some kind quotes on social media.

6.  Tag your acts of kindness with #makekindnessthenorm to inspire others.

President’s Day

Monday, February 21st

How well do you know your American presidents? President’s Day is a great opportunity to learn a little about our country’s history.

1.  Read a presidental biography.

2.  Watch one of these top movies about American presidents.

3.  Put together this informative puzzle!

4.   Write or call the White House.

5.  Learn some presidential trivia.

6. Virtually browse the National Portrait Gallery’s collection of presidential portraits.

Make room for a little celebration…

I know it can be hard…life is busy and it can be challenging to make room for those little extras. But here is where the real joy of life lies. Your daily responsibilities will always be there. Make room for a little more fun in your daily life.

 It doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate. It can be as simple as getting out a jigsaw puzzle. But it will make the dailiness of your life so much richer and memorable. For you and for your people. Don’t let the days get away.

Happy February!


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