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Weekend Confetti Vol. 54

January 15, 2022

Welcome to Weekend Confetti!

Here you will find your weekly dose of interesting and merry miscellany that you didn’t know you needed to know.   I hope it adds some joy to your weekend!  Cheers!

If becoming more finacially savvy is on your to-do list for 2022, here are 7 finance-focused newsletters written by women to check out.

A vibrant burgundy moodboard for a cold January day.

I loved this short piece about Finding Value.

As someone who isn’t a big fan of exercise, these 9 exercises might be within my reach.

I wrote this about tiny habits that will help you add movement to your day.

10 winter soup recipes to fill you up.

I just ordered a bunch of these amazing notecards.

Ritual Or Routine?

The newest series of quarters was just released.

30 ideas for a more bookish winter.

A random winter trend. Yes or no?

A brilliant way to spend 22 minutes daily in 2022.

And the legacy of Betty White.

This week’s Kindness Intention: January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. I want to educate myself a bit more about the realities of this horrible crime and to make a donation to an organization that fights to end it. 

It is humbling to admit when we (I) are uneducated about social issues. But the first step is learning more about what we don’t know.

And here is some kindness I found out in the world to make you smile at the goodness of people. (What a great first day of work!)

What will your kind act be this week?

And lastly, my favorite Instagrammer this week is @yaoyaomva. Her lovely illustrations display all the ups and downs of solitude.

What is a Kindness Intention?

It is a way of keeping kindness more intentional in my own life by setting a weekly goal of kindness. And hopefully inspiring you to do something kind in your own world!

Happy Weekend, Lovely Friends!

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