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10 Ways to 

Use Stickers


As I was looking thru all the quirky holidays in January, I was delighted to discover that there was a ‘holiday’ devoted to stickers! Yep, January 13th is National Sticker Day! And yes, it was created by a commercial sticker company, but so what? Personally, I am not offended that certain holidays have their origins in commercialism. That doesn’t lessen their fun factor in the slightest!

Now you might have had a moment of pause when you heard about National Sticker Day, thinking that you are much to grown-up to fool around with this particular quirky holiday.

But let’s be honest with each other, isn’t the middle schooler inside of you doing a Snoopy Dance at the thought of getting to play with stickers? In the spirit of transparency, I still have a sticker obsession. #sorrynotsorry And on the plus side of being an adult, my ability to finance my sticker habit has leveled up a couple of notches. Bonus!

The truth is that stickers are just innately happy. There are some exceptions, of course. There are always going to be folks who want to use the back of their vehicles to hate on everyone who isn’t just like them. But overall, stickers are just plain fun.

And even if you are the adultiest adult around, there are still plenty of ways to get your sticker on without resorting to Scratch & Sniffs. (Not that there are anything wrong with those!)

Obviously, you can always put some fun stickers on your vehicle. (Monograms, anyone?) But don’t stop there! Here is a list of ten of my favorite ideas for sticker use …as someone who is pretending to be a grown-up. (Wink.)

All images used with permission.

1. Decorate a water bottle.

Putting stickers on your water bottle is a pretty classic way to get a sticker fix. But there are a ton of more sophisticated decals out there if you are looking for a way to class up your trip to the gym. Like this gorgeous mandala from Made by LisaNoelle on Etsy!

2. Slap a sticker on your laptop.

Let me just say definitively that stickers on your laptop are not just for students! This here is my very OWN laptop, and I am routinely reminded that Actually, I can…which is very helpful when dealing with technology, if I do say so myself. (Look for your own copy here!)

3. Add some stickers to your planner.

To really get your sticker fix on, try planner stickers! There is a whole industry designed to help you remember when your nail appointments are and how much water you had to drink today.  I have always loved inspirational quotes and seasonal stickers in my planner, these from Creating & Co. are fun!

4. Use self-adhesive wallpaper in unexpected ways!

If you have never tried self-adhesive wallpaper, you’re missing out. And you don’t need to repaper a whole wall to use it! (Although that would be awesome!) Here are some kitchen drawers that benefited form a roll of happy parakeets at my house. Another place I’d like to try it: the back of a bookcase. Both affordable ways to use cute designs in your decor.

5. Dress up your mailbox.

As a way to make your mailbox a little more bougie, add an amazing monogram! (Or your house number. Or name!) I had one of these exact decals from Sassy Monogram & More on my last mailbox…it made me happy every time I saw it. (Time to order a new one for the new house!) And get 10% off your purchase with coupon code CONFETTI!

6. Commit to a wall decal.

No need to commit to a paint color or wallpaper when you can add a self-adhesive (and totally removable) wall decal!   The rooms you live in should have an element of fun. From quotes to geometric shapes (like this boho half arch from Ohongs Design Studio on Etsy) and mandalas, there are plenty of grown up options available to add some flair to your living spaces. And if you want to add a unicorn, then I support that decision as well!

7. Try some nail strips.

Your house isn’t the only place that can benefit from some adhesive! Nail strips have been really popular for a few years now, so if you haven’t tried some, no time like the New Year! Solids, patterns, geometric lines and artwork…you can personalize it however you want.  My friend Shannan would love to hook you up with some ColorStreet Nails…Click here for the current deals!

8. Add a sticker to a notebook.

Do you use notebooks (like I do) to jot down random lists and ideas? Personalize them with a fun sticker (or two)! How about on an internet password book? Or a journal? This is one of the simplest ways to get your sticker on.

9. Welcome your guests with a front door decal.

Another easy way to add a sticker to your home is right on the front door! Say Hello! Or No Shoes Allowed. Or Welcome!, with this pretty decal from Stellar and Stark Decal. Add whatever vibe you want to send to potential guests right on the door.

10. Add some whimsy to your appliances.

If putting a funny decal on your mixer, InstaPot, Roomba or washing machine doesn’t make you smile, we need to get you some help. Honestly, baking and laundry deserve a little fun, too, don’t they? Try a decal like this cute one from Lazy Spring Daisies on Etsy!

My favorite place to find stickers is on Etsy. But sites like Zazzle and Cafe Press are great places to look as well. As are RedBubble and Society 6.  Your favorite places to shop are likely to have a few stickers for sale if you look around (try looking in the online menu options). And if you keep your eyes peeled, you might find some great treasures in local businesses! Good luck on your sticker hunt!

I hope you found some exciting new sticker inspiration to try! Let us know how you use your stickers in the comments below!!

Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we have to give up our sticker obsession!

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