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10 Easy 

Last Minute

Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Here we are…one week until Christmas. And no matter how prepared you are, there is always something that pops up at the last minute that has you looking for a last minute gift or stocking stuffer.

I have compiled a list of my best and easiest last minute gift ideas -so you don’t feel the need to re-enter the mad rush at the mall. Or to default to a generic gift card.

And all of them can pull double duty as EITHER a stand alone present or tucked into a Christmas stocking.


Depending on where you grocery shop, you may be able to find almost all of these right at your supermarket or drugstore!

1.If you need a little somethin-something extra, grab a scratch off lottery ticket or two.

Lottery tickets make great stocking stuffers AND are a nice little surprise tucked into a greeting card.

2. Go old school and gift a box of pretty thank you notes.

Santa has been leaving them for my kids for over a decade. Santa appreciates good manners, too, you know. And it’s the right time of year to use them! If you are feeling really extra, buy a book of stamps to tuck inside.

3. Pick up a funny little coin purse.

My Nana was a believer that you didn’t give a wallet or change purse without putting a little money inside for good luck! So tuck in a little added bit of merry.

4. Grab some fancy Christmas candy.

I’m talking about Ghirardelli or Godiva chocolate bars here, not a bag of peanut M&Ms. (Nothing against peanut M&Ms, I lovelovelove them. But we are aiming for something that says ‘Gift’ not ‘I stopped at the 7-11 to get gas on my way here’.)

5. Look for an issue of Breathe magazine (or similar).

Breathe is a mindfulness magazine that is more like a softcover book. No ads. Pull out sections. Really visually pretty.

These days a lot of companies are going to ad-free magazines, which are a higher price point. But they also are usually a higher quality publication with a significant amount of content. Choose something from the magazine aisle of your supermarket that resonates with your recipient.

6. Find a fancy soap.

My grocery store carries a limited selection of Zum soaps, which are handmade in Missouri and have the most amazing scents. Check out the soap section of your supermarket and see if there are any unusual offerings available.

7. Buy some high-end hot chocolate.

Single serve packets can be tucked into stockings or greeting cards, while tins can be presented as a delicious gift. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

8. Pick out a pretty nail polish.

To level it up to a nice gift, add an IOU coupon for a pedicure.

9. Choose a Christmas ornament.

Pick something that reminds you best of your recipient. To make it into a real gift, wrap it in some pretty paper.

10. Make a donation to a cause they care about.

One easy gift you can give most adults (and some kids!) is to make a donation in their name to a charity they support. You can buy a nice card at the grocery store and write a note inside telling them of your donation. Or use one of these printable cards as an enclosure.

If you want to get fancy, tie the printable card with a ribbon and wrap it in a small box.

The last minute…simplified!

Last minute gifts and stocking stuffers taken care of without having to add another errand to your To-Do list.  (Because we both know you were going to the grocery store again anyway.)

You’re welcome. (Wink.)


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