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Weekend Confetti Vol. 34

August 28, 2021

Welcome to Weekend Confetti!

Here you will find your weekly dose of interesting and merry miscellany that you didn’t know you needed to know.   I hope it adds some joy to your weekend!  Cheers!

Tonight is International Bat Night! (No, I do not make this stuff up.)  Bat Night was started in the UK but is celebrated all over the world.

Apparently, bats are an integral part of our ecosystem. (They had me at ‘eats 1200 mosquitos AN HOUR‘.)

There are more than 1400 species of bats (many of them endangered). Find out what types of bats exist in your region.

And just because: Bat Origami

Tomorrow, August 29th, is More Herbs, Less Salt Day.  We have all heard that we should be mindful of salt. (Here is the full 411 about salt and sodium.)

For a few ways to replace salt with herbs, check out these easy-peasy salt-free seasoning blends!

One of my big challenges in the kitchen is I never have the right herb/spice a recipe calls for. So try this helpful list of substitutions.

And for the really ambitious, here is all the info you could want on growing your own herb garden. (Or a shorter version for those of us who only want one pot.)

Tomorrow is ALSO National Lemon Juice Day. Did you know that lemons are good for you?

Lemon recipes are pretty exciting. What to do with the REST of the lemon (peels, zest) is pretty neat, too.

And I would feel remiss if I didn’t give you the recipe for the Best Lemonade Ever. (Almost 3000 people can’t be wrong.)

Talking about lemons and herbs…at my house we are trying to eat less meat. Here is a new cookbook I want to try.

An interesting read on What Eating Healthy actually looks like.

Fall has officially arrived! (Somewhere else…it’s still 90 degrees here.)

What to wear this fall if you live in a warm climate (like I do!). It isn’t sweater weather yet, folks.

I do want to try Starbucks newest fall concoction. (Hint: It’s not a Pumpkin Spice Latte.)

This week’s Kindness Intention: to attempt to have a Complaint Free Week  (in spite of the fact that our a/c is currently out)!

And here is some kindness I found out in the world to make you smile at the goodness of people. There really are so many kind people in the world.

And lastly, words matter.

What is a Kindness Intention?

It is a way of keeping kindness more intentional in my own life by setting a weekly goal of kindness. And hopefully inspiring you to do something kind in your own world!

Happy Weekend, Joy Ambassadors!

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