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Be Kind to Humankind Week!

August 25-31, 2021

In 1988, Lorriane Jara read a very upsetting story in her local newspaper. Two young men were boating in a local waterway when their rowboat overturned. Two young ladies in another boat pulled them out of the water and into their boat, but they did not have a radio to call for help. Other boats motored by, ignoring the young people’s calls for help. By the time they were finally rescued, one of the young men had died. Other boaters were quoted as saying, ‘We just couldn’t be bothered to stop’. 

This story prompted her to found Be Kind to Humankind week, a world-wide celebration of kindness from August 25-31 each year, as a way to honor the memory of this young man. 

“People need people-it’s as simple as that.”

-Lorraine Jara, Founder of Be Kind to Humankind Week-

Each day of Be Kind to Humankind week focuses on a different theme of kindness. (Yes, there is more than one. I know, I never thought of it quite like that either!)

Acts of kindness have a positive impact on our brains. They cause a release of oxytocin, which is the chemical that is responsible for all the good feelings we feel. So acts of kindness ACTUALLY make us FEEL good.

AND not only does the act we perform make US feel good, it makes the recipient feel good….AND anyone who happens to witness the act ALSO experiences that good feeling. Win-win-win. (Simon Sinek explains.)

So read on to see how you can experience and share all the warm fuzzies this week!

Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday

  • Offer to do a chore that is not normally your responsibility
  • Offer to run an errand for a friend or neighbor
  • Volunteer for a community project
  • Bring in your neighbor’s trash can
  • Pick up litter
  • Volunteer your time and skills at your place of worship or your school

Thoughtful Thursday

  • Hold the door for the person behind you
  • Say please, thank you & excuse me
  • Smile at people
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Return your grocery card to the carousel
  • Listen more than you speak

Forgive your Foe Friday

  • Forgive yourself
  • Choose not to bring up past wrongs
  • See a counselor to help deal with past hurts or anger
  • Work on setting and enforcing good boundaries
  • Perform a forgiveness ritual
  • Journal your thoughts to help you understand your feelings

Speak Kind Words Saturday

  • Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself-be kind to yourself
  • Be mindful of how you use your voice on social media
  • Avoid gossiping
  • Instead of complaining, look for reasons to be grateful
  • Send an encouraging text to a friend
  • Only speak words that make souls stronger

Sacrifice Our Wants for Other’s Needs Sunday

  • Give to a charity of your choice
  • Sponsor a child in another country
  • Donate your time or skills to help someone with a project
  • Shop and donate to a local food bank
  • Instead of gifts, ask for support for a cause close to your heart for your birthday
  • Wear a mask graciously when asked to do so

Motorist Consideration Monday

  • Allow others to merge in front of you
  • Yield to pedestrians graciously
  • Share the road responsibly with bikes
  • Don’t drive distracted
  • Practice patience behind the wheel
  • Regulate your speed safely

Touch a Heart Tuesday

  • Send flowers to a relative or friend who doesn’t get out much
  • Call someone just because
  • Give a hug
  • Say thank you to someone who has made your life better
  • Surprise a friend or neighbor with cookies
  • Send a card in the mail to a friend just to say Hi

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

-Amelia Earhart-

You may feel that such small acts could hardly make a difference against all the anger and negativity in our world. But each act always affects a change: at a minimum in you! 

I hope you will thoughtfully consder how you can Be Kinder to Humankind in your world.   How will you make a difference this week?!

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