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Weekend Confetti Vol. 27

July 10 , 2021

Welcome to Weekend Confetti!

Here you will find your weekly dose of interesting and merry miscellany that you didn’t know you needed to know.   I hope it adds some joy to your weekend!  Cheers!

Happy Pina Colada Day!! The Pina Colada is the national drink of Puerto Rico, where Coco Lopez, the creamy coconut syrup that is one of its main ingredients, was invented.

It is synonymous with summertime and  tropical beaches. And getting caught in the rain. (Wink.) Here is the recipe!

If the original seems too complicated, here is a 3 ingredient version. Or if cocount isn’t your thing but a summer cocktail sounds delicious: try one of these alternatives!

And if Pina Coladas are REALLY your thing: check out these cute shoes, this yummy candle and this fragrant soap.

Today is ALSO National Kitten Day! Created as a way to promote awarness of fostering and adoption, in the cutest way possible!

Here is a list of the cutest kittens to follow on Instagram (for when your spirits need a lift):

If you prefer a different kind of slushee drink, Sunday is National Slurpee Day! With the 7-11 rewards program, you can get a free Slurpee the whole month of July.

Other interesting things I’ve read around the internet…

Finally, an explanation of Why the Phone is Not an Introvert’s Friend. (So glad I’m not the only one!)

Bookriot’s 2021 Summer Reading List has some really intriguing books I’d like to get my hands on.

The book I just finished: HIGHLY recommend.

If you are looking to enjoy a summer romance, try one of these movies.

Some thoughts on play.

And a few on decluttering our mind.

This week’s Kindness Intention: to put encouraging notes in library books! 

And here is some kindness I found out in the world to make you smile at the goodness of people. 

What is a Kindness Intention?

It is a way of keeping kindness more intentional in my own life by setting a weekly goal of kindness. And hopefully inspiring you to do something kind in your own world!

Happy Weekend, Joy Ambassadors!

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