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Weekend Confetti Vol. 24

June 19, 2021

Welcome to Weekend Confetti!

Here you will find your weekly dose of interesting and merry miscellany that you didn’t know you needed to know.   I hope it adds some joy to your weekend!  Cheers!

Happy Father’s Day weekend! If you are curious at all about how Father’s Day became a holiday, it’s actually pretty interesting.

Clothing appears to be the most common gift given to dad (hello, necktie, we’re looking at you) although the gift most dads would LIKE to get is actually a GIFT CARD.

Some quirky facts and stats about Dads in the United States.

On the blog this week, I compiled the Best Fatherly Advice on the Internet.

June 19th is also the official day of Junteenth, our newest federal holiday! If you need a mini-history lesson (I admit I did) on this imporant date, read this.

Try this quiz to see how knowledgable you are about Juneteenth!

In honor of both Juneteenth and Father’s Day, this article about how Black dads are changing the narrative around Black fatherhood is a tearjerker.

June is Men’s Health Month. Here is a helpful slideshow identifying the topics men should be mindful of in each decade of their lives!

I loved this article that explains men’s health side-by-side with equipment maintenance. (An analogy that a man will appreciate.)

7 Men’s Health Issues Women Need to Understand.

In honor of Mr. Perfect, I can’t let this issue of Weekend Confetti get by without mentioning American Eagle Day! (He has a substantial Eagle collection.)

14 Quick Facts about Bald Eagles. These are quite clever.

The American Eagle Foundation has some fun NestCams.

This very majestic minute of some eagles who seem to know they are being videotaped.

I watched this short TED talk about the importance of creativity and LOVED it.

Making new friends as an adult can be a challenge. This article was really insightful and timely.

And this hilarous letter to a Dr. Suess dog made me laugh out loud.

This week’s Kindness Intention: Obviously, to spend some quality time with my dad and make sure he knows how much I appreciate him.  (Hi, Dad. Love you!) 

And here is some kindness I found out in the world to make you smile at the goodness of people. 

What is a Kindness Intention?

It is a way of keeping kindness more intentional in my own life by setting a weekly goal of kindness. And hopefully inspiring you to do something kind in your own world!

Happy Weekend, Joy Ambassadors!

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