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Weekend Confetti Vol. 23

June 12, 2021

Welcome to Weekend Confetti!

Here you will find your weekly dose of interesting and merry miscellany that you didn’t know you needed to know.   I hope it adds some joy to your weekend!  Cheers!

June 12th is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day! I’m super excited about this because peanut butter cookies are my favorites.

A little visual history of peanut butter I found interesting…

Here is the nice basic recipe I want to try. It has pretty pictures and simple instuctions…two of my requirements in a recipe! LOL

(If your mixer doesn’t have a paddle attachment like is called for in the recipe, you can use a hand mixer on a low speed or go old-school and use a wooden spoon or silicone spatula. I looked it up. You’re welcome.)

For my gluten-free friends, here is a recipe that got great reviews.

If you have ever wondered about the waffle-criss-crosses on the top of peanut butter cookies, they were first documented in the 1930s and are a way to make the more dense peanut butter dough cook more evenly! Learned something new!

If you struggle like I do with getting your fork off the cookie cleanly when pressing the criss-crosses, here are some suggestions for that.

One of the best things I read this week.

A Minimalist Summer Reading Guide. (These 6 books look amazing!)

Bookshelf Porn. (Rated G)

What do you think about a ‘Stretch Mindset’? I love this!!

Thirteen Reader Suggestions on Relaxation. (Squish the yarn…how cute is THAT?!)

22 People on When They Feel Most Themselves.

We have been loving this hilarious and clever show on Netflix!

Your perfect summer uniform, based on your zodiac sign.

The shorts I’m going to be wearing all summer.

If you haven’t decided on the right idea for Father’s Day yet, check out this gift guide I put together for you!

This week’s Kindness Intention: to show myself some grace when I don’t live up to my own expectations. I really struggle with this one…and if I’m going to prioritize kindness in my life, I have to include myself. 

And here is some kindness I found out in the world to make you smile at the goodness of people. What an amazing young woman.

And lastly, Awwww, animals do remember. (Make sure your sound is on.)

What is a Kindness Intention?

It is a way of keeping kindness more intentional in my own life by setting a weekly goal of kindness. And hopefully inspiring you to do something kind in your own world!

Happy Weekend, Joy Ambassadors!

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