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Weekend Confetti Vol. 4

Jan 28, 2021

Welcome, Joy Ambassadors!

Here you will find your weekly dose of interesting and merry miscellany that you didn’t know you needed to know.   Enjoy!

January is almost over!???! WHAT? How does this happen? I’m pretty sure I just blinked in the New Year.

Before it slips away altogether, we must acknowledge that January is National Soup Month. Seriously, who doesn’t like soup…there are so many to choose from, one for every palate. (As opposed to palette. Yep, that was another geeky grammar moment. Don’t say you never learned anything here.)

This is what I will be trying out this weekend.  If that doesn’t strike your fancy, here are some other ideas.

One of the most fun things about Weekend Confetti for me is all the neat things I discover people doing. As part of your celebration of National Soup Month, check out this amazing organization and their life-changing work.

And if you happen to need a little help organizing, here is a different kind of soup that I highly recommend.

If all that wasn’t enough, I was pretty mesmerized by all this deliciousness.

Where would we have been this last year without all our delivery people?  February 4th is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day.

I’m sure that your Mail Carrier would love a Thank You card. Honestly, getting anything in the mail that isn’t a bill is exciting, right?!

How about making the next card YOU send out a little more fun? It doesn’t require a lot of time or talent, just a little planning!

Here are some simple ideas from my Pinterest board to get you started. Fun supplies you can choose from include:

Old unused stamps can be purchased in packs on ebay or Etsy.  You can even search for specific kinds, like LOVE or Christmas. (Make sure it is US postage you are buying.)

Washi tape can be used in a ton of ways and is highly addictive. (You have been warned.) I would love some like this or this. You can also find it on Amazon or at your local craft store.

Pens come in a thousand types, but you can’t go wrong with a Sharpie for addresses and making dots or lines. I like these fat ones and these regular ones. And for  writing over dark surfaces, these Gelly Roll pens.

Sticker love is something I don’t think I will ever outgrow. Etsy is one of my favorite places to find fun and unusual ones but you can buy them at the grocery store as well.

Inspired yet? If not, check out this lovely mail.

A little perspective on how things might look later on and from farther away might be helpful about now.

Speaking of perspective…

I spent a lot of time this week reading about the survivors of the Holocaust in order to write this.

If you need some inspiration today, check out the story of this indomitable lady. Or this absoutely charming man. (If I could I’d put him in my pocket – he’s that sweet.) I ordered his amazing-sounding book.

I keep track of all the books I have read and that I want to read over on Goodreads. They have an great Reading Challenge every year. I made an ambitious goal for 2021 so follow me there and please share any of your favorite recommendations to help me reach my goal!

Here is the book I just finished. And here is what is now on my nightstand.

Mr. Perfect has been reading up a storm as well. This series is his latest obsession.

Finally, here is your giggle for the day.

Have a Joy-filled Weekend!!

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